Welcome to Moon Crush! Upon arrival to the venue you’ll find your assigned Cove in your selected section created just for you and your vacation crew. This Cove will be your own private viewing area for the entire week – safely distanced from other guests.

While booking your accommodations (or purchasing your "Music Only" passes for Walton and Okaloosa county residents) you will select the total number of guests traveling together in the same house, resort room, or condo. This number is your occupancy and determines your Zone as shown on the Venue Map. For example, guests in a 9 bedroom home with an occupancy of 20 will select from the available sections within the Red Zone (1 Left, 1 Center, or 1 Right).


Ticketing viewing coves


Venue map


Available Zones


1 Center


2 Center
1 Left
1 Right
5 Center


9 Right
12 Right
12 Left


3 Center
4 Center
6 Center
7 Center
8 Center
9 Center
10 Center
11 Center
12 Center


13 Right
13 Left
18 Center
14 Right
14 Left
15 Right
15 Left
20 Center
16 Right
16 Left
21 Center